Solomon Kane @ Fantastic Fest Today
September 24, 2009

So, today Michael Bassett and Paul Berrow are in Austin where Solomon Kane will be showing at Fantastic Fest! I’m a bit frustrated that I couldn’t go, but tickets were impossible to get and time off from work after just taking 2 weeks for our UK trip was also quite difficult to achieve. We had wanted to gather up our friends here and make it a road trip… but now we’ll have to wait until the actual release (unless something new pops up that we can make it to).

James Purefoy was unable to attend the screening in Austin due to his schedule. He starts filming Ironclad very soon, which I’m just ticked pink over. Knight’s Templar, chain mail, BIG swords… 😉  Yep, that’s right up my alley! I’m hoping he has a great experience during the production and that he doesn’t hurt himself on set. LOL! There are stunt men for a reason, dear James. Take GOOD care of you, please. We need to enjoy watching you for many years to come and you need to keep your darling self in one piece. 🙂