So inspired by JCOM

Well, this is related to James due to the film, but it’s mostly just about my current creative spark. As with my previous JCOM post where I’ve done a few digital paintings from the John Carter of Mars series, I’ve created my first Barsoomian sock creature.

It's Tars Tarkas, the Sock Thark

And here’s a closeup of his face with his big tusks and those awesome button eyes. I fount 2 buttons that together are just so perfectly Thark! 😀

What an expression. He looks like he’s ready for battle. 😀

My next project will be Woola. I have his socks and some great double-button eyes planned. I will also do a few weapons for Tars Tarkas, too and I hope to create a 1/6 scale John Carter doll at some point. Yea, something in these pulp stories really has grabbed me. I certainly cannot wait to see the film in 2012… To see Tark Tarkas and Woola and JC…  and especially our oh so lovely James as Kantos Kan!!

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  2. Hi, thanks for the comment and sharing my Tars photos. I’m glad you like him and yes, Woola has been started, but I had to order more socks to make his 10 legs. 🙂 I’ll be sure to post photos when he’s complete. Oh, and I’ve visited your site often! I love all things Barsoom! D

  3. Looks cool. Hope the Woola one comes out well.

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