Yes…. things have quieted down on the James new front. I feel like I’m slapping my arm… suffering sweats and palpitations as I experience Solomon Kane Promo Withdrawals. All of the videos, interviews, sneak peeks, reviews, user comments, photos, articles, and hearing about those amazing appearances where fans got to meet the man himself. Wow… What fun it’s been.

Now, along with holding out for that illusive US (and other countries) release date, I’m eagerly looking forward to, with high hopes, the press tour to promote Kane over here. Though I wonder if it might not be so extensive as the European promotions.

It’s great knowing James is hard at work on John Carter of Mars now… waiting for more Ironclad news and whatever promo comes along with that film’s release. I’m simply DYING for the very first teaser images to come out from JCOM. Wow, my imagination is raging with possibilities. The art, the creativity, the style, the vibe… makes me giddy just thinking about it… and looking forward to our scrumptious Kantos Kan… and ohhh,,,, Marshall in Ironclad. ::dances::

You guys know I’ll do my very best to keep up with all the breaking news as it happens (or at least as soon as I realize it happened – lol) Thanks to all of you for your support and help and sheer coolness! And thanks to James for sharing his incredible talents, humor, and, well, sheer COOLNESS with us! 😀

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